Mission + Vision

April 23, 2016

Columbia Heights Pano
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Our Vision

We will be a community that reflects and transcends our neighborhood’s diversity, seeks transforming encounters with God, and joins God in the renewal of our neighborhood and city.

Our Mission
To create environments where people can have transforming encounters with God.

Core Values
LOVE We value love above all things. We are most like Jesus when we love like Him.
STORY We value the full narrative of the Scriptures. The call to follow Jesus is a call to find our place in the story that God is writing.
PRESENCE We value being present where we live. Jesus is most present in our neighborhood when we are present with our neighbors.
ENCOUNTER We value encounters with God. The most important thing the church can do is help people encounter God’s love.
RENEWAL We value renewal. The outcome of the work of the church is lives and neighborhoods renewed by God’s love.

Our Environments

WORSHIP services will have three characteristics:

Accessibility: Our gatherings will be as accessible and welcoming as possible to both non-believers and believers.
Relevance: People encounter God when the service speaks to them. We will help people apply the teachings of the Bible to their lives.
Transcendence: Worship is, by its nature, transcendent. We gather to sing songs to an invisible God, talk about a book that is thousands of years old, and partake in a ritual that commemorates the death of a man we also believe to be God. We will not shy away from that mystery.

FORMATION environments are at the center of our discipleship process. It is in these environments where people have the most exposure to the lives of other believers and can learn how to put into practice the teachings of Jesus. While small groups are going to be the primary expression of this type of environment, there will be other expressions like classes, forums, etc. Formation environments will work in tandem with Worship and Presence environments to help people mature spiritually.

PRESENCE We believe that wherever Jesus went, things got better. This should also be true of the Church. We will leverage the gifts and abilities of those within the church to serve our neighborhood and work for its renewal. This work starts by being present with our neighbors and doing life with them.